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IP Professionals in Delhi

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IP Professionals in New Delhi, India

Trademark Dukan is confluence of various IP services including trademark, patent, copyright and design registration services. We are glad to announce that we are in partnership with some of the best and brightest IP PROFESSIONALS in India and abroad which are able to defend our client’s interest. Our partner IP professionals / consultants can guide you and help you in filing and registration of your IPRs.


Intellectual property being an integral part of most of the businesses in today’s competitive market, TRADEMARK DUKAN has made sure that our clients and associated entities are well protected and updated with the daily update of the field.


  • Trademark Registration
  • Copyright Registration
  • Patent Registration
  • Design Registration
  • Due Diligence
  • IRP Search
  • Legal Compliance in IPR
  • IPR Agreement


  • Presence over daily blog or social media making aware of infringement
  • Experience of 20 years in the field
  • Concise Advice and Free Consultation
  • 24×7 availability

Our services also includes regular monitoring and reporting, keeping the customers updated with their trademark, patent, copyright and design applications, protecting their brand identities and intellectual property management. Our network of IP professionals are available in all the cities in India and abroad, and we’ve assisted various businesses globally for the protection of their intellectual property.

We can assist with exceptional support by the representation of reputed and skilled IP Professionals who are in partnership with TRADEMARK DUKAN.

TRADEMARK DUKAN has significant experience in the area of anti-counterfeiting action, and have assisted clients in devising a comprehensive strategy for curbing counterfeit services by outlining all possible risks and assumptions and mapping them with costs involved in each step taken so that a judicious and objective step can be taken by the them.

We take it as our prime duty as it takes us to protect your hard earned intellectual property to save from any incidental or intentional encroachment.

Get complete Intellectual property (IP) Consultation in Delhi!