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Trademark Consultation Services

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Trademark Consultant Service in New Delhi, India

No company would want to have its products or services used without prior information or permission. As a form of Intellectual Property, a trademark can be a word, phrase, symbol, design, or combination thereof used to denote as well as legally distinguish the source of the goods or services of differentiated parties. It aids in exclusively identifying a product to be the belonging of an individual’s or company’s ownership.

Listed by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks Ministry of Commerce and Industry, trademarks are registered under the Trademark Act 1999. Registration of trademarks that are identical or deceptively similar to an existing registered trademark, cannot be done. It is necessary for the trademark to be unique, not offensive, reliable, and not including any specifically protected emblems.

A “likelihood of confusion’ of any marks with an existing one is prohibited under trademarking. Thus, no business can use a symbol or a name for their products that look alike, or sound similar, or even have the same meaning to one which is already existing. This is even more evident if the product or service for which the mark is chosen, are related to each other.

Any person or legal entity, whether Indian or foreign nationals, can apply for trademark in India through the same procedure.

We, TRADEMARK DUKAN, is one of the leading IPR consultation service providers in Delhi and NCR, specialize in protecting different kinds of business insight about intellectual property as well as advising on areas like registration of trademarks, adopting and selecting new trademarks, handling trademark oppositions, invalidations, revocations, and assignments. We also carrying out searches and advises customers on matters related to IP infringement.

Our Prices for Trademark Registration in Delhi, India

Sl No. Services Professional charges
1 Trademark search Free
2 Trademark application 999
3 Affidavit of use 499
4 Reply to examination report 2500
5 Trademark hearing 3000
6 Notice of opposition 5000
7 Counter statement 5000
8 Evidence in Opposition 10000
9 Opposition Hearing 5000
10 Rectification/Cancellation 5000
11 Evidence in Cancellation 10000
12 Rectification Hearing 5000
13 Assignment deed 5000
14 Trademark renewal 999
15 Logo designing 2000

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