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Logo Registration Services in New Delhi, India

The ‘name and logo’ are the heart and soul of business and service providers and cannot be separated from the brand and business. A captivating and unique logo is what stays in the mind of the customers. The trademark law will help you in protecting your design and business behind the logo. After you have designed your logo, consider protecting it from the violations that may occur.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” - – Jeff Bezos CEO/Founder Amazon

What is a logo?

A logo is an image that symbolizes the business. It is a visual mark showcasing the character and essence of the brand. A logo which is soothing to eyes an essential component of a powerful brand and serves as a visual glimpse to the company within a competitive marketplace. A logo identifies the business with the use of a mark or icon, with visual aspects that form a crucial part of the overall brand. The purpose of logo is help the customers in memorizing and associating the products or services with some particular individual or company.

Different types of logos:

  • Monogram logos
  • Pictorial mark or logo symbols
  • Word mark or logotype
  • Abstract mark
  • Mascot logo
  • Combination mark
  • Emblem logo

What is the importance of a logo for a brand?

  • In the simplest form, a logo design is a part of a brand identity and plays an important role as the visual representative of a business.
  • A logo with a proper brand strategy helps in withstanding the market demands.
  • A logo should be attractive and appealing to the eye of the customer and doesn’t necessarily have to describe what a company does.
  • An appropriate logo makes a brand recognizable and memorable
  • Brand identity is important in the current competitive market and logo design forms a considerable part of it.
  • A logo sometimes revive the memories of an customers which may force him / her to use that particular brand associated with the logo only.

Why should a logo be registered?

A logo should be registered because it helps the brands in:

  • Identifying and eliminating potential violations
  • Maintaining a brand image and promising quality assured goods and services

The trademark symbols ® and ™ can be added to a design to signify that a logo is a trademark. You can use the ® symbol only for registered trademarks. Though you aren’t required to use the trademark symbols of ™ or ®, doing so signifies that someone claims ownership of the mark, which could make other businesses think twice about “borrowing” part of your brand.

What is the process of registration of logo?

Documents required:

  • Applicant’s / Company Name
  • Business Type
  • Business Details
  • Brand/logo/slogan name
  • Office / Business address.

Process of registration:

  • Provide us with the details and documents mentioned above along with the respective fees.
  • We will identify the class of your trademark by our experts
  • We will fill the authorization letter (Form 48)
  • We will upload the required documents online and file the Trademark Application
  • After the above process is complete, you are ready to use the logo along with the TM for your brand.

Your logo will become a trademark when it will appears on labels, packaging or on your product itself and the public will recognize the company behind that particular combination of colors and shapes.

Your logo can become a trademark and can be used as part of labels and packaging of the final product. The public tends to not only recognize the business with a logo easily but also trusts such businesses as compared to the ones without logo.

A logo must be such that reflects the identity of the business it represents. It is well-known fact that human beings are able to easily recognize and remember a picture efficiently as compared to words. A competitive company with aggressive color combinations and businesses can represent their respective goods and services as different elements of the logo. Therefore the logo must original, artistic and creative so as to capture attention of the customers.

It is recommended to approach a professional artist who can use his skills to deliver such a logo which is able to convey the philosophy of the business in one sight. We are pleased to inform the customers that we have good ties with professional artists in Delhi NCR area who are master of their field. We, in collaboration with professional artists provides one stop solution for the designing of the logo as per your needs or inputs. Our professional artists are equipped with all the necessary tools and can deliver creative logo which gives fresh life to a business. Our method involves taking inputs about their preconceived notion about the intended logo design which is conveyed directly to the professional artist. Our professional artists are able to design which not only satisfy the perception of our customers but also the give edge and distinguishing feature as compared to others in the market.

Our prices are most competitive in the market and customer satisfaction is our aim.

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